OUTWOD was founded in 2011 in New York City and has grown into the largest international LGBTQ+ fitness initiative.

Since 2011, OUTWOD has expanded to over 50 events per year with 2,000+ athletes, making it one of the largest event series in the world.

The first new initiative for The OUT Foundation is the OPEN+LGBTQ series - coinciding directly with the Open.

Each week, LGBTQ + athletes will compete in the Open. OPEN+LGBTQ will aggregate scores from the Open onto this website and leaderboard. This will provide a new avenue for our athletes to directly compete.

OPEN+LGBTQ goes one step further and will allow our transgender and non-binary athletes to compete in the division they identify with.

Most importantly, the OPEN+LGBTQ series is all for charity, benefitting The OUT Foundation’s programs.



What is OPEN+?

OPEN+ is the LGBTQ community’s all gender, 100% inclusive Open Leaderboard corresponding with the 2018 Open.

Why are we doing it?

To promote friendly competition between and fitness amongst LGBTQ athletes, to allow all gender identities to participate in a sport we all love and to raise funds for The OUT Foundation and its programs.

Why should I sign up?

You’re already going to do the most challenging WODs of the year - join OPEN+ as well and see how you stack up in our community. The competition is fierce.



The OUT Foundation is dedicated to providing, supporting, and ensuring LGBTQ+ access to health and wellness through fitness.



Provide gym membership, nutritional counseling, and mental health services for underserved LGBTQ+ youth.

Create supportive space for gender identity and expression in the fitness community.

Foster a philanthropic community of LGBTQ+ fitness enthusiasts.

Support LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space to help ensure their success.